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Welcome to 2to6 Records web base.
2to6 Records is a small indie label dedicated in psychedelic trance for the late hours of the night.

- OUT NOW - TOROG - MESOZOIC - NEW ALBUM - OUT NOW - 2to6 Records is proud to present “Mesozoic”, the second full lenght album by Swiss artist Torog. Pursuing psytrance music for over a decade, he has refined his uncompromising style to offer something that more accurately represented his technical imagination. This 9 tracks piece, resulting from the last two years experimentation, is the product of working from a very personnal perspective, dressing imagined scenarios with particular arrangements, breathable structures, abrasive sounds, wild atmospheres and « prehistoric » references. Torog offers a cohesive blend of organic and modern qualities, producing accelerated tracks, adopting some hi-tech designs with a large use of DSP but applying a dark and gloomy bassline. The construction and the fusion of these elements, natural and synthetic, and both reacting together create an incredibly visceral, epic and obscure soundscape.
- OUT NOW -KARASH - Cadavre Exquis - NEW ALBUM - OUT NOW - ...An image value of 1000 words, a sound value of 1000 images... 2TO6 Records is proud to present the 3rd long-player created by KARASH… It invites the listener to a migration of the elements, a peregrination through the forest of surrealistic Art… In a 3-year creation process KARASH brought his new album „Cadavre Exquis“ to perfection… The album title „Cadavre Exquis“ is inspired by a game which was invented by the surrealistic movement, by artists of all genres, in the 1930's in Paris… KARASH wanted to develop a parallel representation between the visual artwork and the music, which both are inspired by Dali´s paintings and the continuing research in sound design… Thanks a lot for your attention & interest, 2TO6 Records

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