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Involved in underground music from the Death/Black Metal scene since young age he discovered Psychedelic Trance in 2000 and started DJing in 2001 and producing music in 2003... He has always prefered the underground styles of Psychedelic Trance instead of listening to/spinning all those everywhere-heard Psytrance tracks over and over again. On this mission, he has been, up to now, discovering new or rarely-heard twisted Psychedelic Trance to share it with those who are on the same search. After exploring djing for quite some years and playing at many parties around europe and central/south america, producing his own music strongly came up his mind... Between 2003-2011 he has continued this path creating his own music as part of the project MALICE IN WONDERLAND. Together with his MiW-mates Alfredo aka Silly Matakana Twit and Thomas aka Jaramogi he released two Albums, Pandemonium at Resonant Earth (December 2007) and Mad Moments at 2to6 Records (March 2009) and also various tracks on compilations by different labels. Since he left MiW-project in the beginning of 2011 he focuses now on his project with Alfredo-Matakana called SIGNAL2NOISE RATIO and on his solo project FULL SCALE RIOT... Some collaboration-tracks with ELECTRYPNOSE are already released which can be found on 2to6 Records` compilations Out of Time & Veil of Shadows. Also maybe to announce is his project with Dj Sequin, called INTERDEPENDENCE, which is more groovy-daytime-psychedelic oriented but doesnt really fit into the nigth-time-music-concept of 2to6 Records at all... Since 2011 he is co-managing 2to6 Records together with Vince leBarde (ELECTRYPNOSE) & Ingo (XABBU).